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Sector 62, Phase – VIII
Mohali – 160062, India

Aster Al Rahffah Hospital

Ghubra, Muscat, Oman

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About Dr. Sukhbir Uppal

Dr. Sukhbir Uppal
Fellow American College of Rheumatology

In University Hospital Sharjah, he was Senior Consultant in Rheumatology, full Professor of Rheumatology,  and Chairman of the Department of Medicine from 2010 to 2018. Now he is visiting consultant for the Aster Al Raffah Hospital, Muscat, and Fortis Hospital, Mohali.

Why You Should Choose Dr. Sukhbir Uppal?

Dr. Sukhbir Uppal, MD, FRCP (UK), FACR (USA), is a highly experienced rheumatologist skilled in the evaluation and management of arthritis and all other rheumatic disorders.
As a Rheumatologist, Dr. Sukhbir Uppal is an expert in arthritis, rheumatism, joint and muscle pain, back pain, neck pain, osteoporosis, Vitamin D deficiency, and autoimmune diseases. He also has a special interest in an unexplained rash, fever, anemia, weakness, weight loss, fatigue, and anorexia. Rheumatology includes over 100 conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus (lupus), gout, and psoriatic arthritis.

With Dr. Sukhbir Uppal, the patient always comes first. He is compassionate and totally engaged when caring for his patients. His style is unique for both the amount of time that he willingly spends with his patients, and the sincerity with which he gives care and advice.

When you select Dr. Sukhbir Uppal as your Rheumatologist, you are choosing more than an arthritis specialist. You are choosing a friend, philosopher, and guide who will be your partner in improving your health.

As a patient of Dr. Sukhbir Uppal’s, you can expect a high level of care from an extremely competent and caring Rheumatologist who spends significant time getting to know you. You’ll find a friendly receptionist and nurse who are pleasant and helpful. You’ll notice many conveniences, too, from prompt arrangement of appointments to convenient parking. From your first phone call, you’ll see that Dr. Sukhbir Uppal and his staff always make you their priority. A major advantage will the the availability of lab services, X-ray and MRI services, pharmacy and physiotherapy services, all in the same complex of the hospital.

Schedule an appointment by calling the hospital receptionist . Dr. Sukhbir Uppal will generally see new patients within a week of your request for an appointment.(Fortis Hospital : +91 172 4692222) (Aster Al Rahffah Hospital: +968 98550066)

Dr. Sukhbir Uppal enjoys spending as much time as required with patients and their care. The most important aspect of the patient encounter is considered to be communicating with the patient not only about his medical problem but also about his cares and concerns, fears and apprehensions. A patient’s time is respected, and it is a priority of the Rheumatology Service to see you within 15 minutes of your sche

We will assist you in every manner in this regard, with our Insurance Manager and his team at your disposal.

Your appointment begins in Dr. Sukhbir Uppal’s office, where you will talk about your medical history, and your treatment goals. You’ll then be examined by Dr. Sukhbir Uppal, where you’ll also meet our nursing staff who will record some measurements like blood pressure, body weight, etc. Dr. Sukhbir Uppal will also complete a physical assessment of your joints, as required.

He may request X-rays and lab tests, which can be done in the fully automated state-of-the-art hospital laboratory. Finally, you and Dr. Sukhbir Uppal will discuss all concerns and the treatment plan. He welcomes your questions about your symptoms and treatment concerns and goals.

Normally within one week, there will be a FREE follow up visit to discuss the results of your lab tests and response to treatment started. Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any concerns at any stage, or any question about your treatment, or if your symptoms change or worsen.